Archive for May 2010 ½ Year Anniversary!

Though somewhat belated, happy birthday to and its community!

The 9th November last year, this homepage along with the forum was kickstarted by an idea of the owner Martin, and with much appreciated help from his trusted friend Magnus, the idea came to fruition. November 10th the homepage, along with the forum, were ready to go and so, im not quite sure if the birthday is the 9th or 10th, the startup or the launch… well, i will ask the community on forum, what they think.

Our humble gamer community is steadily growing in all aspects… but not just gamers join in here, photoshoppers, programmers, plain nerds, otaku’s, poem/songwriters and what not, all kinds of ppl have joined and contribute to our community, and for that: Thanks to you all! :)

And to those who havent joined our forum yet: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR :D?!
come have fun, talk about the latest games, movies or share some of ur homemade pictures or songs/poems… you can even promote your favourite programs and games, etc…

Happy Birthday, from