Who is NexusNemesis?

Well, I’m just a not-so-average guy from Denmark. ‘NexusNemesis’ was/is a name I started using, ages ago, in various games, both offline and online. I have had various other nicks over the years, but I have found, that I always return to 2 nicknames, NexusNemesis and SoulBroken.

In real life I just finished yet another education, this time as an IT-Supporter, and got a job at the place I was an intern at. Other than that, I’m a guy with strong morals and feelings, so now you’re warned :P

What is the point with this site?

Hmm… well, you see…

For years I have been having an urge to have my own homepage and one day, I finally got it, a page of my own, my own semi-private space on the inter-webs.

Anyways, one of the reasons why I wanted my own site was; to let my friends gather at one place and talk about anything they want and have fun, but for now it will just be a site where I will put in my thoughts every now and then.

I love working with and around people and it gives me energy. Even though I’m a Web-Integrator and IT-Supporter, one of my passions, is working with people and assisting them in any way they require me to, if it’s school, handicaps of various kinds or just being there for them, I will always do my best.


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