Who is NexusNemesis?

Well, I’m just a not-so-average guy from Denmark. ‘NexusNemesis’ was/is a name I started using, ages ago, in various games, both offline and online. I have had various other nicks over the years, but I have found, that I always return to 2 nicknames, NexusNemesis and SoulBroken.

In real life, I’m in my twenties, sadly unemployed, but working hard on that! I’m a guy with strong morals and feelings, so now you’re warned :P

What is the point with this site?

Hmm… well, you see…

For years I have been having an urge to have my own homepage and one day, I finally got it, a page of my own, my own semi-private space on the inter-webs.

Anyways, one of the reasons why I wanted my own site was; to let my friends gather at one place and talk about anything they want and have fun, but for now it will just be a site where I will put in my thoughts every now and then.

I love working with and around people and it gives me energy. Even though I’m a Web-Integrator, my passion has become working with people and assisting them in any way they require me to, if it’s school, handicaps or just being there for them, I will always do my best.


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