A pretty in-depth explanation of how SOPA and PROTECT IP can harm the internet as we know it:

I cant stress how much i’m against these laws and laws like these,
it’s a direct attack on freedom of speech and the anonymity of the internet as we know it.

Not only is the law corrupt, but the companies that support it are corrupting it further,
obviously not fully realising what it is that they are doing to the world around them.
Not to mention how unsafely weird the laws are defined, as they give way too much
freedom to interpretation and that will be exploitable by those who want to misuse it.

I have no problem with stopping piracy acts, but this isnt stopping piracy acts, its not
curing anything, its just treating the symptoms in a half-assed way, hurting way too many
people on its way, even though they arent doing any harm.

On a final note, who was it that leaked these pirating softwares and such to begin with?
Oh, right… it was the greater sites like MSN, Cnet and whatnot… I guess the first ones
we should pull through the mud are these companies who were the “enablers” in the first place.


p.s. it seems like they will keep making laws like these, to try and gain power over the internet,
no matter how much we say no, eventually it might get pushed through…. such babies.

How come NexusNemesis ended up becoming a Web-Integrator? (A short story and title, made unnecessarily long)

NexusNemesis decided to become a Web-Integrator.

Though, this was a weird journey, as he had wished to become a Teacher at first,
but couldnt because of requirements, he then took up the tools and started learning how
to become a carpenter, this education was cancelled because he had to move across the
country with his girlfriend. There, he started learning how to cook and serve food for people. After some time, they decided to move back closer to the place he was born and he ended up starting the education for a Ph.D. in Social Education, but once again, after some circumstances this was not to be either.

After some thinking of what to do next and talking with his girlfriend, they figured that doing
something that he had always had an interest in, making homepages, coding.

Since then he has been studying and learning his way through HTML, CSS, MySQL, and PHP, with the occasional java and flash inputs for the “neat” effects. The study will be finished about april 2012 and he is eager to walk out as a professional Web-Integrator and start working.